You! In the driver’s seat.

Route 66, the iconic American highway, created a sense of freedom for the burgeoning auto industry.  With a car, anyone could drive from Chicago to Los Angeles and anywhere in between. That kind of freedom only happens when we have control.  For over 60 years, car manufacturers and car dealers have controlled the car buying process. With Deliver My Ride, all of that as changed.

Traditionally, the dealer has held all the cards when it came to the price of a vehicle, available rebates, and available inventory. We relied on sales people to explain the features, horsepower, safety ratings and payment options. Because of that reliance, the car buyer had little control other than driving around to various dealerships to validate what the other guy said or find a better deal. In the end, did we buy a car or were we sold a car? After all, salesmen are biased in their pricing and vehicle recommendations. They want to sell you their car at their price.

Like the open road freedom that Route 66 and other highways gave our parents and grandparents, the internet and technology has opened new avenues for our generation. Everything that we could ever want to have or to know is online. We can shop on Amazon anonymously, compare multiple products, buy what we want and have it delivered to our door. This is the definition of control.

Based on an exhaustive number of surveys, the car buying experience ranks right behind public speaking and visiting a dentist. Deliver My Ride changes that by putting the car buyer in control of the entire process. Our platform allows you to compare multiple styles and brands, refine your results by desired features, and sort your search to ensure that you’re seeing the best prices, anonymously. Customize your rebates and payments with advanced calculation tools and no surprises or hidden fees. Finalize your purchase and get approved for financing online and on your time. Then have the dealer deliver to your home at a time that works best for YOU. If you don’t love it, send it back, guaranteed. 

Buy or lease on your own terms. No salesmen, no sales calls, no hassle and 100% online. With Deliver My Ride, you are in the driver’s seat and you are in control.