When searching for your new car, it may seem imperative to test drive before you make a decision- which is exactly what salespeople want you to think. Psychologically, you are more likely to purchase a product after physically touching, using it, or smelling that new car smell. You can avoid the sensory marketing trap a couple different ways.

1.Try out your family member’s, neighbor’s, co-worker’s or friend’s vehicle

If you know somebody who has a car similar to the one you are considering, ask to drive around the block, sit in for a ride, or borrow for the day! You will get the test driving atmosphere on your time without the persuasion.

2. Visit a motor mall on the weekend. 

You don’t need to get into the negotiation game just to test drive a few cars.  In fact, test driving can be an important part of your early research. Call or visit a local dealer mall and tell them you are a few months away from buying a car and need to drive a few to narrow your choices.  At this stage you will be asked for your driver’s license, which is fair. But phone numbers and emails aren’t necessary for test drives. A dirty little secret is that dealers don’t always lock their cars; Sunday shoppers can often sit in a few cars with nobody around. 

3. Test drive in your neighborhood

Your new car is going to spend most of its time around your house, so drive it there.  With Deliver My Ride, the deal isn’t finalized until you are comfortable. So test drive it, get a tour, and inspect the condition before signing any paperwork.  If there is something you don’t like, send it back with the driver. No questions asked.

Test drive on your time, or don’t at all! Avoid outside influences and take car buying into your own hands – visit DeliverMyRide.com when you are ready to purchase your next vehicle!