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If you live in an around the Detroit Metro area, chances are you have access to employee discount prices with most of the automotive manufacturers or suppliers. For people who work for companies like Ford, FCA and GM – and big suppliers like Delphi, Bosch or Lear - employee discounts on a new car purchase or lease can help relieve some of the financial burdens like rising interest rates or hidden fees.

The cost of a new car, specifically if you’re deciding to lease, is on the rise. Sticker prices and interest rates are slowly increasing, and the residual values of some models, like sedans, are declining – which means lease prices could be going up this year.  A recent article in the Seattle Times reports that 4.3 million Americans have vehicle leases that are ending in 2019.  Low-cost leases for a three-year lease term were peaking in 2016. A 2016 Toyota Camry was around an average of $272 per month. But today, a lease on the same car could run closer to $350 a month.

One of the questions we always receive from our online customers is “can I use my employee discount on your site?” The answer is: Yes! When visitors log onto® they can click on our “Employee Pricing” tab and start shopping and comparing employee discount pricing from over 60 dealers across the state of Michigan, without actually setting foot in a dealership.


Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 11.42.32 AMYou won’t have to haggle with a dealer or sit in a salesperson’s office for 20 minutes while they confer with their manager. You can lease your new car, using your employee discount, from your phone, tablet or laptop, and have it delivered right to your home or office.

I’ve been in the car retail business for decades, and many people have asked me if an employee discount program is really worth it, given rebate programs and sales throughout the year? Keep in mind that dealers don’t make their money selling cars; they make their money on financing and insurance (F&I). So, if you can come to the table with an employee discount that can save enough money to cover those fees and interest rates, you’re already winning the game.

Deliver My Ride is a great way to use your employee discount to buy or lease a new car, without all of the dealer drama.


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