I’ve always bought a car the same way. Why change now?

I’ve always bought a car the same way. Why change now?

For years, the car buying process had remained the same. You would head to a nearby dealership (or 2 or 3) to evaluate different makes, models, features, and so on. You would hear a mixture of prices, incentives, and offers from each dealer making your decision even harder. Once you made a decision you would then stay at the dealership for a few more hours to fill out all necessary paperwork. 

Why change that process now? Because you can. Thanks to data exposure brought to us by the internet, all the information we used to drive around to discover is right at your fingertips. 

At Deliver My Ride, you can compare multiple vehicle brands and features from participating local dealerships, then sort them by price all from the comfort of your home! When you’ve found your dream car, free of interference from a salesperson, customize your rebates and payments, review standard equipment and view options. Simply click “Buy Now” and your new car will be delivered right to your home or office as soon as the next day.

Save time, money and every buying your new car at DeliverMyRide.com – because you can.

Is Test Driving Essential?

Is Test Driving Essential?

When searching for your new car, it may seem imperative to test drive before you make a decision- which is exactly what salespeople want you to think. Psychologically, you are more likely to purchase a product after physically touching, using it, or smelling that new car smell. You can avoid the sensory marketing trap a couple different ways.

1.Try out your family member’s, neighbor’s, co-worker’s or friend’s vehicle

If you know somebody who has a car similar to the one you are considering, ask to drive around the block, sit in for a ride, or borrow for the day! You will get the test driving atmosphere on your time without the persuasion.

2. Visit a motor mall on the weekend. 

You don’t need to get into the negotiation game just to test drive a few cars.  In fact, test driving can be an important part of your early research. Call or visit a local dealer mall and tell them you are a few months away from buying a car and need to drive a few to narrow your choices.  At this stage you will be asked for your driver’s license, which is fair. But phone numbers and emails aren’t necessary for test drives. A dirty little secret is that dealers don’t always lock their cars; Sunday shoppers can often sit in a few cars with nobody around. 

3. Test drive in your neighborhood

Your new car is going to spend most of its time around your house, so drive it there.  With Deliver My Ride, the deal isn’t finalized until you are comfortable. So test drive it, get a tour, and inspect the condition before signing any paperwork.  If there is something you don’t like, send it back with the driver. No questions asked.

Test drive on your time, or don’t at all! Avoid outside influences and take car buying into your own hands – visit DeliverMyRide.com when you are ready to purchase your next vehicle!

Finding the Right Car for You

Finding the Right Car for You

According to Edmunds.com, there are 8 steps to the car buying process: Research Vehicles and Features, Get Preapproved for a Loan, Plan Your Trade-In, Locate and Test-Drive the Car, Check Sale Price and Warranties, Review the Deal and Dealer Financing, Close the Deal, and Take Delivery.

But must it be so complex? At DeliverMyRide.com, the belief is that car buying should be convenient, private, and transparent. Conveniently shop for and purchase new cars 100% online, and have them delivered to your home as soon as the next day. Remain anonymous as you browse and compare hundreds of vehicles from various local dealerships. Make an educated decision based on clear pricing among several dealers with no hidden fees.

Deliver My Ride is simplifying the car buying experience and transforming the process into 4 easy steps; Research, Compare, Purchase, Relax

Step 1 – Research

As you begin the car buying process, it may be helpful to make note of vehicle features and attributes that best fit your lifestyle and interests. At Deliver My Ride, you can customize your search based on vehicle style and size, color, fuel type, drive train, seat materials and more.

Step 2 – Compare

Once you have narrowed down your search, you can sort your results based on price. If you find multiple vehicles that fit your likings, you can then compare them to find what is right for you. With no hidden fees, you can avoid negotiations and be certain you are making the best decision.

Step 3 –  Purchase or Lease

After you have compared different makes, models, prices and features, you will be ready to purchase or lease your dream car. The process can be made fully online without any interference from the dealer. If eligible for financing and/or discounts, those will be automatically deducted from your total. Purchases and leases can be cancelled up until the papers are signed at the time of delivery. All costs are transparent – no surprises, no hidden fees.

Step 4 –  Relax

Finally, sit back and relax while your vehicle is prepared and delivered right to your home or office, hassle and risk free. At the time of delivery, you are able to request a test drive with the dealer. If you are not satisfied with the vehicle, the transaction can be voided by opting out of signing the paperwork and the dealer will return the car to the lot. If you love it, simply sign and it is yours. The vehicle has 100% factory warranty so you can feel confident in finalizing your purchase.

Buying a car has never been easier. Click Here to find your new car today!