Why all the Drama?

Why all the Drama?

Today Deliver My Ride®, announced that we are launching a new advertising campaign called Driveway Dramas –  a series of funny, overdramatized stories about how deciding on a car that’s right for you can be full of drama – but buying a car shouldn’t be.

Take it from someone who spent 30 years in the car sales business, I know the ins and outs of selling a car. For more than half of my adult life, my knowledge and experience came from the dealer’s perspective. And I have been involved in nearly 30,000 transactions during my career.

I left the car business in 2006 and when my daughter reached driving age, I started to look for a practical car for her that would get her to and from school and keep her safe. Finding myself on the buyer’s side of the deal, I became acutely aware of how stressful, complicated, and dramatic the process was. It changed my perspective – and I knew there had to be an easier way to buy a car.  

As a second generation of an auto dealership family, I owe a lot to this business. My late uncle, Martin “Hoot” McInerney, started in the dealer business back in 1936, at seven years old, working weekends at a Ford dealership on Detroit’s east side, sweeping floors, running errands, operating the switchboard, whatever was needed. Eventually he became a dealer himself and expanded not only throughout the metro Detroit area, but to Hawaii, Florida and Ohio. Over the years he brought the rest of our family into the business, and by my 20’s I was working alongside my cousins, my Dad and my siblings. So, the dealership business has been the lifeline of the extended McInerney family – and still is. I appreciate how important car dealers are.

But the role dealers play in the business is starting to change, and Deliver My Ride is on the front lines of that change. Unlike companies that aim to disrupt the car business, we’re not trying to eliminate dealers – we’re giving dealers a pathway to the modern shopper, providing incremental sales, and redefining the role of salespeople. Since today’s shoppers demand an autonomous, online experience, and dealers are built for traditional, in-store sales, Deliver My Ride creates the ideal bridge to connect the two.

So, what exactly do we do? Let’s start with what we don’tdo: we don’t sell your data to a dealer. We don’t generate leads and hand them off to a salesperson who will hound you until you come in to buy a car. According to a BEEPI Consumer Automotive Index Surveyin 2016, 52 percent of people looking to buy a car feel anxious or uncomfortable at dealerships, while 56 percent of millennials would rather clean their house than negotiate with a dealer sales person.

We take all that drama out of the experience by simplifying it end-to-end. Our advanced technology aggregates inventory from multiple, local dealerships carrying all the popular brands. We present pre-negotiated dealer pricing in an honest and transparent way; including all dealer fees and State taxes. By simplifying equipment features and providing penny-specific payments, shoppers can easily compare pricing on like vehicles from every brand, side by side. And our pricing will not change once the paperwork arrives.

When you select a car on our site, it will come from a franchised dealership’s inventory within an hour of your home. That way, you will have a trusted dealer for any service issues. But whether the car dealer is 5 or 55 minutes away doesn’t matter, because the car will be delivered to your door at a time convenient for you. No more getting a ride to the dealership, waiting around for the paperwork to be typed or the car to be prepped. You can sign the papers at your kitchen table if that’s what you want. No pressure. No drama.

My Uncle Hoot always used to say: “the trick to selling cars is to get people comfortable.” Even in the digital age of 2019, we can make the process comfortable for you. We want you to feel confident and in control during the process.

When it comes to buying a car, Deliver My Ride has created a drama-free, stress-free, haggle-free vehicle buying experience. The website provides live local dealer inventory, transparent pricing and a safe, easy process.

Right now, this tool is only available in Michigan, which means car buyers right here in our home-state are the first people in the nation to use this new, modern online car buying tool.

Keep an eye out for our fun Driveway Drama campaign on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. You can also watch them here, on our website while you’re searching for your new car! 

Why all the Drama?

News Release: DeliverMyRide.com Takes the Drama Out of Buying a Car

The latest innovative online car buying platform provides an easy, drama-free car buying and car delivery experience that is changing the online auto retail business

PONTIAC, Mich, March 12, 2019 – Deliver My Ride®, the newest disruptor in the online car buying industry, is launching a dynamic brand campaign to engage online car shoppers and convert them into online car buyers.

Starting March 5, 2019, Deliver My Ride will launch new television, radio and YouTube advertising spots to reach online consumers looking for an easy, safe, convenient and modern alternative to car buying. The new campaign follows the August 2018 launch of the latest online platform, founded by Michael McInerney, a retail automotive industry veteran and expert who identified the need to streamline and simplify the car buying process

“Deliver My Ride is not a typical third-party car shopping site,” said McInerney, CEO of Deliver My Ride. “We’ve created a unique model that nobody else is providing and we’ve created a brand awareness campaign that reflects the real challenges and anxiety people experience when it’s time to buy a new car.”

While other sites have created shopping and price comparison algorithms to help consumers with their vehicle search, Deliver My Ride is focused on the actual transaction, purchase and delivery of the vehicle. “We’re not a lead generation tool; we don’t collect your data and share it with dealerships,” said McInerney. “We partner with local dealerships to sell actual new car inventory so you can find the car you want, apply for the rebates you might qualify for, configure your payments to the penny, apply for financing, finalize your purchase or lease and have the car delivered to your front door, without ever setting foot in a dealership.”

“The focus of this campaign is to acknowledge the stress and drama that comes with the process of buying a new car,” said Steven Pitsillos, CEO of roundtable6, the Bingham Farms-based marketing firm that developed the strategy behind the new Deliver My Ride campaign. “What we’ve learned from consumers is that going into a dealership to buy a new car is at the top of the list as one of the most stressful retail experiences. This campaign shows, in a creative and dramatic way, that Deliver My Ride identifies with those feelings and has basically removed everything stressful about car buying. The only drama comes from the decision-making part and not the
car buying part. Consumers can trust in the Deliver My Ride process because they’re in complete control of the entire car buying experience.”

David Fischer Jr., President & COO of The Suburban Collection, one of Deliver My Ride’s dealer partners, has been working with the platform for one year. “In the beginning we were skeptical because there are dozens of online car shopping platforms we deal with every day and they all basically provide dealers with the same service,” he said. “Deliver My Ride has a great customer interface and helps us deliver incremental units. By participating in their network, our inventory is being seen by more potential car buyers in a different way.”

Deliver My Ride customer Wendy A. bought her 2018 Ford Edge on the website and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to buy a new car online. “I was in the market for a new car and I used a couple of the online car shopping platforms to search and compare pricing, but I knew that those sites would match me with a dealer and eventually I would have to make the trip to finish the process,” she said. “With my busy life, spending hours at a dealership is time I just don’t have, so I was looking for an alternative solution,” Wendy continued. “The experience was so easy and the site was very intuitive. I was able to find the car I wanted, received financing and scheduled delivery to my home, where I signed the final paperwork right in my living room. I felt in complete control of the entire process; it was safe, quick, painless and convenient.”

The company was founded in 2014 and, after a period of beta testing with local metro Detroit dealership networks, launched the automated platform in the third quarter of 2018. Today, Deliver My Ride has agreements with over 60 dealerships and continues to expand throughout the state. “Our long-term projections are to sell 500 cars per month, per market, as we expand,” said McInerney. “Since our launch we’ve been analyzing user shopping and buying behavior so we can continue to develop and improve this tool for people who are looking for an easy, transparent and convenient way to buy a vehicle.”

Currently the service is available only in Michigan, but the company plans to expand to 80 markets across the country.

Deliver My Ride’s new advertising spots can be viewed on the website and will be running on local cable channels on AMC, Entertainment, ESPN, Freeform, FX, Lifetime, TLC, and TNT.

For more information, log on to Deliver My Ride.


Deliver My Ride® was founded in 2014 by Mike McInerney, an automotive retail veteran in the Detroit metropolitan area with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Deliver My Ride creates a convenient, pressure-free way to buy or lease a new vehicle online. The website presents local dealer inventory with transparent terms, prenegotiated pricing, manufacturer incentives and multiple financing and lease options for new model vehicles. Deliver My Ride customers receive free delivery directly to their home or place of business. The company has developed a network of over 60 innovative, like-minded dealerships to provide consumers with a modern alternative to the traditional car buying process. Deliver My Ride is based in Pontiac, Michigan, and is part of the portfolio of technology brands of MadDog Technology, a venture operator and investor focused on creating and operating cloud-powered software businesses, founded by former Compuware Chairman and CEO Peter Karmanos, Jr.

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Why all the Drama?

ISSUE 31- Ask Mike: Help! Am I Abandoning My Family Dealer?

Hey Mike,

I am interested in purchasing my new car quickly and conveniently. I’ve heard about Deliver My Ride and how it allows me to shop and compare new vehicles from different local dealerships online, PLUS they deliver it right to my house! Not to mention I can sort my search based on price. However, my family has used the same car dealer for the past 15 years. I know I could probably get a lower price on your site, but I don’t want to ruin the long-standing relationship with my dealer. Help!


Distressed Relationship Man

Pontiac, MI

Dear Distressed Relationship Man,

The simple answer: No, you are not abandoning your family dealer.

It is a common concern for car buyers that are entering into the modern online retail market of today that they may be abandoning a dealer they’ve developed a loyal relationship with over the years. While your final purchase through Deliver My Ride may come from a different local dealer than the one you’re most familiar with, keep in mind that you can continue to work with your own dealer on various insurance deals, like tire insurance for pothole protection, or collision coverage. You can also continue to work with your dealer’s service team for regular maintenance and repairs.

You can find the best prices on your new vehicle at Deliver My Ride, and protect it through your favorite dealership.

Happy Shopping!­