If you have ever been in the market for a new car, you know the amount of time and energy the process can take. You’ll spend hours, weeks, maybe even months researching your options, comparing prices and reading reviews.

And that’s before you even step foot into the showroom.

Then there’s negotiating—often the most dreaded piece of the new car buying process. No matter how much research you do and how prepared you are to negotiate, the minute you set foot in the dealership you might feel you’re not taken seriously and you’re pressured on the price.

Your biggest fear is that you’ll get taken advantage of.

Does this sound all too familiar?  How can you avoid many of the frustrations and uncomfortable experiences that the typical car buying experience may bring?

The solution is simple. Avoid the salesperson and the dealership. Buy your new car online.

Not sure if this is the right solution for you?  Read on.

Reasons To Buy Your New Car Online

1. Comparison Shop In Minutes Instead of Hours

When you buy your new car online, you can compare multiple brands and features, see available inventory in real time and get prices and incentives available at multiple dealerships in minutes flat. You can also sort the same car by price to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

2. All Dealerships Are the Same

There’s no sense in driving around to multiple dealerships when the dealer is simply a distributor for the manufacturer. They all buy their cars from the factory at the same prices. Why should you have to do the hard work of searching for the best prices, the options you want, etc. by driving or calling around to multiple dealerships?

When you buy your new car online, dealer location and time is no longer an obstacle.

3. Avoid Negotiating and Pressure

Ahh, the art of negotiation.  Some people have it, some people don’t.  But, should your negotiation skills determine whether you get a fair price on a new car or not?  We don’t think so. 

Since salespeople work on commission, there is often no incentive for them to give you a good deal. They also know the longer you stay, the more likely you’ll agree to make a purchase. 

Online car buying sites like Deliver My Ride, do not work on commission and are not loyal to a brand, so remain unbiased to the entire purchasing process and will never pressure you to buy. Also, since we pull in deals from multiple dealerships that are competing on price, there is no need to negotiate. You buy the car you want without any up-selling or bait and switch deals.   (Read: How To Get a Good Price On a New Car—Without Haggling)

4. No Annoying Sales Calls

With online car buying, your information is never given to the dealership or sold to third parties before a sale is made final. 

You’ll always be anonymous, you’ll never receive spammy emails or annoying sales calls from the dealerships and you have full control over the process.

5. Stay informed

Not only do inventory levels change constantly, but rebates come and go without much notice so researching ahead of time won’t help you get the best deal if you’re not ready to buy that day.

When you buy your new car online however, inventory and incentives are displayed in real time so you know what’s available now.

6. Save Money

The incentives from the manufacturers actually determine the discount you can get—which is usually in the thousands while dealers can usually save you a few hundred.

The only way to find out which brands are offering big discounts is to shop online and sort through the choices quickly and conveniently.

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7. Real Pricing 

Car dealerships often advertise their most attractive deals to get you in the door. They might run a deal that’s only $99/a month with zero down but when you get there, suddenly the price is much higher.

The truth is that although they do offer these great deals, they’re only available to a small percentage of customers who meet the precise requirements. These deals usually reflect the best possible scenario and include a lot of fine print.

When you buy a new car online however, there aren’t any caveats. The price you see is the price you get. In fact, you might qualify for an even lower price depending on the incentives available. 

With the ability to compare prices and incentives from multiple dealerships in one platform, you’ll never have to negotiate a price or worry about getting taken at the dealership.

8. Get 7 Hours of Your Life Back

Between the time it takes to research your options, drive around to dealerships to get the best deal and finally buy your new car, it could take up a better part of your weekend. 

In fact, people in the market for a new car spend nearly 14 hours on the internet shopping and visit approximately 3 dealerships before they purchase, according to a 2014 J.D. Power study. 

Since deals expire, you could also be spending valuable time after work—or even during the workday—to make sure you’re able to take advantage of them. 

Instead of wasting time at the dealerships, you can research and view inventory, prices and incentives in one place and finance and purchase your new car online in as little as 20 minutes. You’ll also have the car delivered to your home as soon as the next morning, ready to drive.

9. Buy On Your Time, Not Dealership Hours
Buying a new car is exciting, but going the dealership route can be stressful. You have to take time off work, drive to multiple dealers, wait for approvals and sign a bunch of paperwork, which could mean several hours spent at the dealership. 

Not to mention that if you have kids in tow, you’ll probably feel rushed and stressed out which can make it hard to make an informed decision.

When you buy your new car online, it’s easy and convenient to research, shop and buy on your own schedule and without any distractions.

10. You Can Still Test Drive

When you purchase a car online, the car is delivered directly to you at no cost. You can then look it over, test drive it and decide if it is for you. If your new car is delivered to you before the final paperwork is signed and you change your mind, just send it back—no questions asked.

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