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Is Test Driving Essential?

When searching for your new car, it may seem imperative to test drive before you make a decision- which is exactly what salespeople want you to think. Psychologically, you are more likely to purchase a product after physically touching, using it, or smelling that new...

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When is the Best Time To Buy a Car?

You're on the market for a new vehicle, but when is the best time of the month to purchase or lease? Does timing really make a difference? CEO Mike McInerney gives some insight on this topic.

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Finding the Right Car for You

According to, there are 8 steps to the car buying process: Research Vehicles and Features, Get Preapproved for a Loan, Plan Your Trade-In, Locate and Test-Drive the Car, Check Sale Price and Warranties, Review the Deal and Dealer Financing, Close the...

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Can I Negotiate a Price?

So you want to buy a car online, but you don't think you can get the best price without negotiating? CEO Mike McInerney explains how it works with

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Best Vehicles for Cyclists

We all know how awkward it can be loading a bike into your vehicle. Wrangling the wheels, making sure you don't chip the paintwork, damaging the trim, or having oily upholstery.  A great way to take your hobby to the next level, is to get your car involved. A car...

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